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Commercial & Residential Property Management

There are some differences between residential and commercial property management but by and large the principals of our management approach are the same. On the residential side, we understand that we are interacting with our clients ‘where they live’. We are mindful of this personal investment for them. On the commercial side, we recognize that the areas we manage are often the first impression for the visitors, customers and clients. We understand the unique needs of tenants and the importance of attending to maintenance expeditiously to avoid down-time for business operations.

Whether residential or commercial, we will bring our unique, personalized attention to your property and work with your Board of Directors, owners and tenants to protect and enhance your investment. We strive to find ways to save money on projects, think outside the box, and be proactive in an effort to catch problems before they happen or snowball into something bigger.

Communication - Property Management


We believe that good communication with owners, tenants and visitors can be effective in fostering positive relationships and cooperation/compliance with policies.  We will communicate via the channels that work best for your association such as: email, social media, mailings, newsletters, website updates etc. Follow-though and timely responses are two very important values to us. It’s frustrating not to have a phone call or email returned or to have a request ‘fall through the cracks’. We strive to ensure that even the smallest request is addressed in a timely manner. And, because life isn’t perfect, when a request cannot be attended to as quickly as we’d hoped, we will keep the requestor informed as we attend to the project.

Financial Management

We offer full-service financial management of association funds including: assistance with formulation of budgets, reserve study analysis, collections for delinquent accounts, preparation for annual audits, working with the association’s CPA to organize year-end tax responsibilities, and full financial reporting to the Board on a monthly basis. We also offer an online payment option which can be provided to owners through your association’s website.

Property Management - finances
Property Management - technology


We believe in the motto: “work smarter, not harder”. To that end, we utilize some of the industry’s best software to track covenants violations and manage architecture requests. This software allows us to access the association’s documents, generate letters, and make notes on a specific location from an iPad or smartphone while in the field with the use of a geo-tracked mapping system. This means that we can generate letters, take photos which are date and time stamped, and document or take action on issues immediately, on-site. Board and committee members can also be given access to this software to view at any given time what we are working on.

General Administration

We will work to ensure that all aspects of your association are running smoothly and efficiently. We will be familiar with your association’s unique set of governing documents. We will encourage and assist the Board to set forth policies and procedures that are in harmony with these documents as well as state statues and ethical principles.

Residential and Commercial -General Administration
Personalized Services

Personalized Services

Many management firms may say that their service is ‘personalized’ but ours truly is. We work to foster positive working relationships with the owners, Board members and service providers. We believe an approachable and kind attitude is often the best way to achieve cooperation and gain the best results. Relationships are built by returning phone calls, completing work orders promptly, providing detailed reports and effectively communicating. We also keep our portfolios small and believe that this quantity that allows for the best quality to our clients!


In order to stay current with the property management industry, all of our managers have their credentials as Certified Managers of Community Associations (CMCA) others have additional credentials as awarded by the Community Association Manager’s International Certification Board . We encourage all staff to keep their knowledge and skills in the industry current through courses offered by organizations like Community Associations Institute.

Residential and Commercial - Property Management